Ranbaj Academy of Dental Education

Dental Education is imparted by experienced clinicians using the state of art equipment of international standards. As dental Simulation is an act of performing the use of virtual system at par with international standards, we make it possible for the dentists to practice their skills on the standardized patients (dummies with torso and typhodonts ) replicating the programs prevalent in the clinical exams overseas, providing them with fantastic realistic environment which helps in building confidence.

“RADE” Simulation Centre is a remarkable dental training facility with latest technologies consisting of advanced simulation stations of international brands i.e Nissim/Kilgore; Columbia(USA) which are being used in the board examination in North America, Australia & Europe.
The participants would use Operating instruments and materials of international repute like Hu friedy, 3M, Nobel Biocare. Separate modules for every board examination has been formulated . Books of international authors & study material is available in the library.

“RADE” offers following courses:

So avail the golden opportunity and experience the state of art technology to enhance your skills.