Registered with CRA under Business License No: 002288767 Since June 15, 2011
RANBAJ HOSPITAL is a Ultra Modern Multi Speciality Care Institution which is designed as per the International Standards.
RANBAJ Hospitals HR department is very vibrant in attracting the best talents in the market by providing a good work environment, best career development, enhancing the staff to next level of career ladder by providing an excellent training and development during the work. It provides a very promising work environment and good culture.
RANBAJ values the diverse skills and abilities that each person brings to the work place, and together, we deliver exemplary care and service. Ranbaj’s HR Department ensures that every staff from our doctors to our nurses to our technical support and administrative staffs, we are committed to providing our patients with the very best health care.
RANBAJ HOSPITAL invites application for the following positions:Applications are invited for the following posts.
1. Orthopaedic Orthopaedic Surgeon 1 M.D/M.S Upto 2 years/ freshers can also apply
2. Gynaecology Gynaecologist 1 M.D/M.S Upto 2 years/ freshers can also apply
3. Opthalmology Eye Specialist 1 M.D/M.S/D.O/D.N.B Upto 2 years/ freshers can also apply
4 ENT ENT Specialist 1 M.D/M.S Upto 2 years/ freshers can also apply