Ranbaj Canada Corporate Services is a venture, which was started in Year 2011 with an idea to explore the ways and means to tap the potential in dental tourism and dental skilled development programs. The idea was given the shape of reality by setting up a venture of ” Dental Tourism ” at Toronto it being a business kingdom of Canada. The venture was started under the name of Ranbaj Canada Corporate Services Inc. by Mrs. Jasdeep Kaur Mann, Founder Director and the business is registered with Canadian Revenue Agency.
A website was launched under the name of www.ranbaj.ca in June , 2011. Another websites namely www.mann.in were also started for promoting the cause of dental tourism. Dr. Randeep Singh Mann is providing specialized dental services to the patients visiting from all over the world.
One to one talk is arranged with patients who were contacting on phone inquiring about the benefits of dental treatment especially implants being done in India keeping in view the economical benefits, which were much higher in India as compared to North America. The ultimate goal was to provide dental health to the patients coming to India from North America and Europe who could not afford highly advanced dental treatment. The patients after the dental treatment were healthier and were able to work more hours and increase their business income.
Most of the patients coming for the specialized dental services became aware about the venture through the advertisement. After one year patients had also started knowing about the venture through the word of mouth.
A VOIP phone no. 647-622-8065 of a Canadian wireless service provider is working in India to make it convenient for the patients of North America to call and discuss their case history as well as the requirement of dental treatment.
Seeing the response from the patients coming from Canada, North America and Europe, it was decided to setup a sister concern under the name of Ranbaj Canada Corporate Services at India which would directly deal with the patients requiring dental treatment through ‘Dental Tourism’. This venture was setup in year 2012 in a way expanding the services to the dental patients coming over to Chandigarh, India. The foundation stone of Ranbaj hospital under Ranbaj Canada Corporate Services was laid at Plot No 1599, Sector 82, SAS Nagar Mohali, Punjab India by Sardar Parkash Singh Badal, Hon’ble Chief Minister Punjab. This plot is very close to the International Airport of Chandigarh.
Under the Ranbaj Canada Corporate Services (India) a teaching academy namely Ranbaj Academy of Dental Education was setup to prepare dentists for taking up the National Dental Education Board exam of Canada, USA, Australia. A simulation centre is also setup where the dentists have the hands on same instruments, which are being used by the National Dental Education Board. This way the internationally trained dentists of India especially the those in the Northern region are on a better footing and platform to appear for the exams and the load on government of Canada is reduced by sending trained people for undergoing dental education examination.


Dental implants are very expensive in developed countries like USA, Canada and even in Europe. The cost of Dental implant in the above mentioned countries ranges from $2000 to $4000. In comparison, the price in India ranges is $550 – $900 depending upon the quality of the implant. Even other kinds of dental treatment are available at almost 1/5th the rates prevailing in the developed countries.
Ranbaj Canada Corporate Services Inc. is working in league with Mann Dental Implant Endodontic Centre based in House No 1162 Sector 34C, Chandigarh, India where the dental treatment facilities are being provided to the NRI patients from North America, UK etc.
Mann Dental Implant Endodontic Centre was established in Year 1998 at House No 1162 Sector 34C, Chandigarh under the proprietorship of Mrs. Jasdeep Kaur Mann. It has been catering to patients requiring dental treatment from all over the globe. Mann Dental Implant Endodontic Centre has been catering dental patients from all categories like Hon’ble Chief Minister of the state, Senators of the State, Hon’ble Judges of the Supreme Courts & High Court, Bureaucrats, federal employees, corporate sector etc.


Dental Implants: Single Immediate Implant with Prosthesis in 48-72 hrs.

Full Mouth Implants along with Supported Prosthesis in 2 weeks.

“ALL ON FOUR TECHNIQUE” of placing prosthesis on Implants.

Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment: 30 mins.

Cosmetic Smile Designing.

Crown and Bridge Fixed Prosthesis (Full Ceramic and Porcelain Fused to Metal): 24-72 Hrs.

Removable Partial and Full Dentures.

IR Tooth Whitening: 40 mins Chair side procedure.

Light Cured & Self Cured Composite Fillings.

Extractions: Simple and Complicated Third Molar Surgical Extractions
Flapless surgery of placing dental implants is a highly advanced technique of placing implants trauma free, painless, and free of postoperative swellings. Most important benefit of flapless surgical treatment for NRI’s is that it is least time consuming for the patients visiting from Canada, US and other countries thus keeping them minimal time away from their jobs/businesses. Apart from providing above-mentioned services facility of boarding and lodging, transport, tourism etc. would also be provided. Keeping in view of the above a collaboration with the air carrier like Jet Airways would be certainly be beneficial for both the parties as well as the patients coming to India for dental treatment.